Sponsor Products: InVision-Plus CS® with Chlorhexidine+Silver Ion Engineering

Superior Design… Just Got Better

The InVision-Plus® with Neutral Advantage technology has already set the industry standard. With its patented design and zero fluid displacement features, it provides the best protection against catheter-related bloodstream infections. RyMed has now taken the superior design of the InVision-Plus and made it even better.

InVision-Plus CS
The InVision-Plus CS® is the only product of its kind with a Chlorhexidine and Silver impregnated septum. The CS® also carries a silver impregnated fluid pathway component.

This gives the patient superior protection against CR-BSI while providing the caregiver the simplest, most effective needleless connector to disinfect, flush, care for and maintain.

Intraluminal Protection Just Got Better

The inclusion of two proven biocidal agents in the septum of the InVision-Plus CS® places an aggressive disinfection barrier at the primary source of bacterial entry and contamination.

Chlorhexidine and silver impregnation provides protection by inhibiting bacterial growth on, around and throughout the entire septum. The CS® provides a constant microbial kill in between swabbings/accesses for up to 7 days, ensuring disinfection success and offering a cost savings to the hospital.

The silver straight-through fluid pathway, zero dead space product feature and low priming volume ensure additional protection by preventing adhesion and colonization on internal surfaces.

Ease Of Use

The InVision-Plus CS® works with you when combined with proven infection control, catheter care and maintenance practices. No added pieces, no long complicated swabbing technique… just dependable fluid pathway defense. With the InVision-Plus CS's unparalleled level of security, you can be assured of a protected intraluminal fluid pathway and the outcomes your patients deserve.

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